How It Works
At Kenrose you receive points for helping the community of learners. You contribute by:
Many contents’ descriptions are not fully explained by their title and category, so we introduce their “essence”. Essence is a mix of the common tag and a summary of the content. It is a short descriptive phrase, and there may be multiple essences for one piece of content.
Take the following example. A piece of content is titled “Calculus Lesson 1” and is categorized under “K-12 > Mathematics”. The essences for this content (depending on what is covered) might be: “What is Calculus” and “The purpose of Calculus” and “Examples of basic Calculus applications”.
One of the goals of Kenrose is to uncover the few truly exceptional learning resources available online. These are easy to follow, pleasant to learn from, and highly informative. You are given one diamond upon signing up that you can assign to a resource of your choice. You will get more diamonds by accumulating points -- every 20 points, you will be given a diamond.
Review Suggestions:
When writing a review of a learning resource, you can think about:
  • Clarity - is it easy to follow, or does it require you to read or watch the same part several times?
  • On-topic focus/relevance to the topic - how much fluff is added, how much time is spent on off-topic ideas?
  • Speed - how quickly or slowly does the author go through the material?
  • Engagement - was this a very dry piece, or were you engaged and was it easy to pay attention? Were there many jokes thrown in?
  • Learning success - after using this material, do you feel that you learned what you intended to?
Submitted content and content edits need to be approved by a moderator before they show up on searches. Users highly involved in the community (with many points) are given moderator and administrator privileges.
Category Types:
A Category Type is a descriptor of a learning resource that is one level of abstraction higher than a category. To see why having a category type is useful, consider the example of an Algebra category with a category type of 'Undergraduate' and how it is a very different object from an Algebra category with a category type of 'Graduate'. One represents the field of math which introduces variables, solving linear equations, etc. and the other refers to the study of algebraic structures such as groups, rings, etc.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us at admin [@] or use our feedback form.