June 13th 2017

32 ACT Science Tips and Strategies

The ACT Science section is confusing. Many say it is their least favorite section. It’s called “science,” but primarily requires you to digest and interpret the information given to you, without much reliance on prior scientific knowledge. On the other hand, with a bit of targeted studying it can become your highest scoring section, because the questions are formulaic and predictable.  

Online help ...

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May 26th 2017

37 SAT Reading Tips and Strategies

The SAT Reading section is commonly cited as the most challenging to improve your score on. When looking for help online, you will find hundreds of disorganized and repetitive tips for the Reading section on various websites, blogs, and forums.

In today’s post, I processed all this free advice, cut out all the chit chat, and rewrote all the tips into one big list of 37 SAT Reading strategies.


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May 19th 2017

ACT Study Guides

If you’re just beginning your ACT study, you might be wondering where to start. What is tested on the ACT? What do you need to know? The official ACT website has a “study guide” that will give you useful technical details about the ACT, but it doesn't help much in knowing what to study.  


Luckily fo...

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May 19th 2017

SAT Vocabulary Resources

Before 2016, the SAT used to specifically test obscure vocabulary. Students had to study lists upon lists of archaic words to get perfect scores on the Reading section. Luckily for us, the new SAT has changed gears on this front and you are no longer explicitly tested on vocabulary.   You will find various opinions online of what this means for studying purposes. Khan Academy will tell you that you shouldn’t s...

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May 19th 2017

All-inclusive Resources for SAT and ACT Prep

Some prep websites offer practice tests. Others offer standalone practice questions, topic by topic. Yet others have explanatory videos, or extensive review guides. And finally, there are sites that include it all — one-stop shops for SAT and ACT studying. In this post,...

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May 18th 2017

Introduction: Finding Great Free SAT/ACT Resources

If you’re planning to take the SATs or ACTs, you’ve begun thinking about how to study for them. Should you buy a prep book? Should you take an SAT/ACT prep class? Will you have to hire a tutor? Or maybe you’ll just print out a free practice test and hope for the best.  


The first thing to realize is that there are many great free SAT/ACT prep resources availabl...

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In this blog, I review free SAT and ACT study materials available online, by topic and by type, to help you find the ones you need to succeed. Each week I will cover a different type of resource.

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